Your Enhanced Image through Infoparrot

6An ordinary photo should be enhanced one way or another. You simply can’t afford to post pictures online without doing enhancements along the way, no matter how little it is. The desire always is to look good in front of a camera, but enhancing your look through a photo app is a necessary bonus.

So it is imperative that you need to scour for a photo enhancing solution for your pictures. The web is littered with a lot of these photo apps, offering different types of features, but none offers more variety than

Infoparrot has a list of presets and brushes for your photo editing needs. It has a collection of presets that suits your fancy and a bundle of brushes for you to use on those specific enhancements on your photo. It covers all your photo-enhancing concerns, whether improving the texture of your image or intensifying its mood (see for a list of all the presets)

It even boasts of having more than 400 presets in its collection, so you can choose which of these presets would look good on your photos.

There are also tutorials in store for you, so you can eventually experiment different types of effects, and for you to showcase these pictures on your website or social media page.

You are only limited by your imagination with Infoparrot because it has a set of tools for every photo enhancing need you might have. Every important event, from birthdays to weddings to parties, Infoparrot has its corresponding presets and brushes for it.

Now that the season of hearts is just around the corner, Infoparrot also has its own Valentine card template as well, just so to complete the occasion.

Infoparrot never misses a beat (see for a list of all the presets). Check out their cool collection now and start using them with your photos.

Your ordinary photos will never be the same again through Infoparrot. With its wide-ranging tools at its disposal, it will not only make your photos a notch higher than the rest, you will also look good on it.


Doing Makeup with Photoshop Actions

Your photos need makeup at times. You can’t just post ordinary, bland photos on your social media page on a daily basis, there has to be some quality pictures out there for you to generate more “likes” in the process.

But you need a photo app to be able to do that. This is where Photoshop comes in.

PS1Photoshop is not just your ordinary photo enhancing solution; it makes you photos a notch higher than those tasteless pictures you normally see online. It enhances your photos in an interactive way, a stark contrast compared to other photo apps that can only do minimal enhancements.

With its Photoshop actions, you can create a more dynamic feel on your photo images. It has its unique programming tool for you to record tasks as actions and do replays as well. It is both time saving and easy to use.

Photoshop actions make for a good makeup for your portraits. So intricate is its tools that you can enhance even the minute details on your face. Photoshop actions such as “Bright Eyes”, “Teeth Whitening” and even “High Key”, are samples of the many “actions” that can do wonders on your photo.

Most of what you’ve seen on women’s magazines has had their own share of enhancements before they are published. The effect of it, however, is quite rewarding, as these photos generate not just “likes” but profit as well. And if you want that same kind of effect on your photos, then Photoshop is your ultimate makeup kit.

Enhance your photos the way makeup artists enhance the look of their models. It pays to look good always online. So stop settling for those pictures that doesn’t bring out the best in you, use Photoshop actions now and have that makeup you’ve always wanted.

You can download these Photoshop actions online free. Where else can you avail of that makeup without paying for it? And you can only have that if you make these Photoshop actions as part of your photo enhancing paraphernalia.


Getting to Know the Newest Version of Adobe Lightroom

Finally, after two years of waiting, Adobe has finally released the new version of Lightroom; LR 6 and LR CC. So, how to get the latest Lightroom version? There are two ways to get Lightroom 6, and in this article, we will explain it to you a little further.

LR 6.2The first method is to subscribe to Adobe’s creative cloud subscription services to get Lightroom CC version of 2015. Basically, this is the most economical way to acquire the latest version of Lightroom since you only have to pay a monthly fee of $9.99, or depending on your chosen package. With Adobe’s Creative Cloud plans, you’ll be able to use Adobe’s BIG THREE: Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom CC (with Lightroom mobile and web application). Moreover, you can also enjoy other perks such as free Lightroom upgrades, additional online storage, Lightroom presets free and more exciting benefits.

On the other hand, the next method is to purchase the one-time, stand-alone and full licensed version of Lightroom for $150 USD. But unfortunately, this method has some disadvantages such as users cannot avail the free upgrade if Lightroom 7 comes out in the market and limited default free presets.

In addition, as per Adobe’s terms and agreement, Lightroom 6 users will not have a complete access to both Lightroom web and mobile application, although they can download the app for free, they cannot access the full version of it. This is only recommended for users who are on a tight budget and doesn’t need more features and benefits.

What’s good in Lightroom 6 is that if you buy the stand alone and full version program, you can use it and own it for personal purposes. You can always go back to older versions if you feel that it’s more useful than the newer ones.


Getting to Know Adobe Photoshop Action

PSWhy do amateurs and professional photographers prefer using Photoshop actions to their images? Well, actions are time-savers, without it, everything will go slow and useless. Adobe developed actions to help photographers get rid of staying up too late and sitting long hours just to finish one editing tasks. Photoshop is one of the best tools in the industry, however, for some, modifying images is tiring and exhausting. They end up using other tools like Lightroom since it contains presets though Lightroom is also a good editing program. Today, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom have one thing in common, the tools have actions and presets, a tool which helps photographers speed up their editing process.

Why Use Photoshop Actions?

Basically, Photoshop Actions are recorded step by step editing process, it contains specific details, effects and adjustments. It is used to speed up the process and at the same time allows you to deal with other important things. Actions are reusable and modifiable, you can add effects and adjustments from time to time and use it to your images. However, some professional photographers prefer downloading third party actions online as they don’t have extra time creating their own. For more information, you can download the free photoshop actions here (

It is important to note that when using Adobe Photoshop Actions, you must try a different variety of styles, effects, and adjustments so that it won’t look dull and boring. Lastly, always bear in mind that not all free photoshop actions are worth it. Make sure to double check the store first before downloading it to avoid getting the worst actions. You should only use Photoshop actions to images that doesn’t require a thorough editing workload so that everything will look as beautiful and perfect as possible.



p458934775-3p231403528-3I have to admit that I’ve loved photographing flowers ever since I got my first camera. I started by skulking around strangers’ gardens until I, um, “refined my technique”. ha. But, all these flower shots really taught me the importance and beauty of capturing details. When I’m trying to capture the little things that make an event special, an understanding of macro photography is invaluable. So here are a few of my recent flower shots that have inspired me to spend hours capturing details so small that you can barely see them with your own eyes!


Shahin & Behnam

Shahin and Behnam originally just asked me to take some bridal portraits for them, as they had had a small civil ceremony and hadn’t had any photographs taken at the time.  To my surprise, the portrait shoot turned into an actual wedding when they asked Kamran and I to witness and shoot their Persian wedding.  We totally improvised the whole day, from the small ceremony to a portrait shoot in the late afternoon light of a Chicago October.  Shahin and Behnam were so fun to be with, which I think comes through in their photos.   I tried to capture their personalities in their portraits – from the touching moments to the goofy jokes.



I love shooting dancers.  On this blog you’ll eventually see quite a bit of the work I do photographing musicians and dancers, as I often combine my background in music with my passion for photography.  Today’s post, though, is about a shoot I did a few months ago for a bellydance fundraising event, “Helping Hips”.

When I first moved to Chicago, one of the first people I met was Mae Phillips, dancer and bellydance teacher extraordinaire.  Mae is still one of my closest friends in Chicago, and although I don’t dance myself as much as I used to, I still love to shoot bellydancers.  So when Mae’s friend Moxie called, I was super excited.  The event itself was great and the dancers were superb.  See below for some of Chicago’s finest bellydancers.